Saturday, June 7, 2014

Reactive Programming

Continuing the live blog

  • 10:25am Discussing various frameworks that do this today: React, Ember, AngularJS
  • 10:20am Sounds like he's describing WPF's data binding model....BUT FOR THE WEB!
  • 10:18am Discussion of state, and where is state in your project?
  • 10:15am Introduction, what is he talking about when saying Reactive Programming?

Live Blogging Big Sky Dev Con 2014

I am here at the Big Sky Dev Con 2014 and thought I would give some live blogging/feedback on the conference as it unfolds, at very least it'd be new content for this blog which has been neglected for too long.

Live Blog Starts Below:

  •  09:50am Question and Answer Time.
  • 09:45am Now talking about technical debt, at some point it will consume you, discussing how was refactored.
  • 09:30am "Can the product model scale?" - "Can I scale?"
  • 09:20am An overview of's history.
  • 09:15am Montana High Tech Business Alliance; Lance is the keynote speaker.
  • 09:10am Rob Lund giving some announcements and a recap of last year's conference, over kids 1200 signed up to program in Montana (the challenge was 1000 from last year). Opening to middle schoolers next week.
  • 09:05am Starting
  • 09:04am Still waiting to start, it appears that there were printed schedules.
  • 08:59am They're starting to really pile in now, pretty decent showing, talk that the conference is sold out. 
  • 08:53am Waiting for the keynote to start.
  • 08:45am Walked into classroom, apparently this is where the keynote will be held, they're still trying to setup web cams.
  • 08:30am No direction on where to go, started walking around, met an old CU Employee and chatted for a bit about his new position. Got a free stress ball!
  • 08:15am Arrived and checked in, no coffee/breakfast snacks offered, understandable as they were not mentioned, still how expensive is a couple of donuts? More glaring an omission is no printed schedule. At very least a PDF should have been provided. Their blog does not print very well. Goodie bag is interesting, includes TShirt, USB Flash Drive (1GB), Drink Cozy, and interestingly enough a Pizza Cutter?