Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Back in Hawaii (Again!)

Its hard to believe that the last time I posted to this was back in December 2010, and oddly enough I was back home in Hawaii.

Fast-forward to May 2012, and I'm back home in Hawaii again! I've been enjoying some of the food that I can not find in Billings, Montana. However the situation has improved up there after the opening of the 'Hawaiian BBQ', which is run by two girls from China who worked at a similar restaurant in California and Las Vegas.

The only missing piece is still POG, which has proven impossible to find in Billings, however you can purchase it in a can, and I have regular shipments up to Billings to replenish my stock.

Much like exercising blogging is one thing I should get into the habit of, but just haven't found the motivation yet. Perhaps I'll give this a shot again when I return home?

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