Friday, June 1, 2012

Upgrading to Firefox 12

I have held off upgrading to the latest version of Firefox for various reasons, but I finally took the plunge a few weeks back and upgraded to the latest and greatest.

A few of the reasons I have held off upgrading have been resolved, either by changes by the Firefox team, or through extensions:
  1. Status Bar
    1. Personally I enjoyed having the status bar at the bottom of the page in Firefox. Fortunately this has been resolved by installing the Status-4-Evar which brings back the classic status bar.
  2. Simply Sliver Persona
    1. I personally do not care for the Aero look beyond just the frames, I feel it is distracting when used beyond the window title bar. Applying a Firefox Persona will remove the Aero Glass from the background of the Back and Forward Buttons.
  3. Firefox 3 Aero Theme
    1. Alternatively on my Desktop I have installed the Firefox 3 Aero Theme, which replicates the Firefox 3 Aero look. The theme replicates the original look pretty well.
  4. Standard Windows Menu Bar
    1. I do not care for menus that are docked onto the Window Title Bar. In fact menus like this violate the Microsoft UI Guidelines for Window Frames Don't add controls to a window frame. Put the controls within the window instead.
    2. Thankfully this is configurable in Firefox to disable this behavior and return to the standard Windows Menu Bar.
  5. Tabs on Bottom
    1. I do not understand the desire to have 'Tabs on Top', I prefer them on the Bottom where they have always been.
    2. Once again thankfully this is configurable in Firefox to disable this behavior and return to the original location of the tabs.

In once all of these changes have been made, the newest Firefox looks and behaves enough like Firefox 3.6 for my tastes. Plus there is the advantage of running the latest and greatest version of Firefox.

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