Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Blog Neglect...

Looking back at this blog I have not posted in well over a year, I had some big plans for posting on a daily basis (ala Raymond Chen and his blog The Old New Thing, probably one of my favorite blogs).

I am still living in Billings and it is exciting to see the changes the city is going through as it continues to expand, I have not made the commitment to purchase a house here, but I should probably do so soon.Not much has changed work wise for me; I am still the Build Master and work hard to solve challenges every day. It is a sometimes frustrating, but always rewarding job, that I am lucky to have.

As far as toys and gadgets I continue to build my collection, I have finally drank the Windows 8.1 Kool-Aid, and I will write up my experiences with in at a later date (although judging by my past responses that may or may not happen!).

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