Friday, November 22, 2013

Developing for Windows 8.1

Earlier this Month I took my first plunge into writing a Windows 8.1 App. While I am still learning the ins and outs I had a few initial reactions that I wanted to post here:

  • While it is claimed you can write a Windows Store App in C# what they really mean to say is that you can write your Application in a very specific subset of C#.
    • This posed issues for my intended project as I was hoping to rely on a common third party library to accomplish some tasks.
  • Documentation of the API is spotty at best, several of the API/Method names are reused between WPF, Silverlight, and Windows.
    • This makes searching for help on the Internet a bit more difficult because while on the surface all of these technologies appear very similar there appear to be (at least in my experience) minor differences which cause some "fixes" not to work as expected.
  • Having a strong understanding of XAML, DataBinding, and Async programming are keys to success in writing Windows Store Apps.

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